Miami Architectural Photographer

Based in Miami, Florida, Claudia Uribe Touri is an award-winning Miami architectural photographer who has successfully captured the beauty of various structures from all over the world. Throughout her career, Claudia has shined a light on the unique features of many iconic buildings. Her work is regularly featured in contemporary photographic publications, and she has accurately depicted the vision of countless clients while photographing architectural works of art.

As an architectural photographer, Claudia has had the pleasure of traveling to numerous countries and has assembled a large collection of professional architecture photography. She has photographed the Sydney Opera House in Australia, the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, the New World Symphony in Miami and much more. She is experienced in photography both public and private architecture, and can accentuate a structure’s best features by photographing it in the right light.

Are you in search of a talented photographer in Miami who can provide you or your company with professional architecture photography? Claudia Uribe Touri Photography has worked with a long list of clients in the past, including [STRANG] Architecture, Mateua Architecture and Brillhart Architecture. Check out the gallery above to see some of Claudia’s favorite photos from over the years. You’ll find both interior and exterior shots that highlight the most remarkable features of memorable architectural structures.

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