Professional Interior Design Photography in Miami

Capturing gorgeous photographs of a home’s interior requires a photographer to do more than just step inside and start shooting. To create truly inspiring interior design photography, a photographer must know how to compose these shots and capture the appropriate lighting. Claudia Uribe Touri is a professional photographer from Miami with years of experience photographing beautiful interior designs. Her work has been featured in many contemporary photography magazines, and she has spent more than a decade traveling the world and photographing interior designs for Claudia Uribe Touri Photography.

As a professional photographer in Miami, Claudia has experience photographing everything from architectural designs to cuisine from the city’s most popular restaurants—but interior design photography is a different challenge altogether. It takes years of practice to master the art of capturing a room in the right light. As you can see in the gallery above, Claudia Uribe Touri excels when capturing interior design shots and can accurately depict the vision set forth by architects and designers in any room of a home.

Over the years, much of Claudia’s interior design photography has found a home in the pages of magazines and other publications. She has shot interior design photographs for Atrium, Surface and more. She has also served as a professional photographer for clients like Leroy Street Studio Architecture, [STRANG] Architecture and Brillhart Architecture. Additionally, architects and interior designers like Lucien Pellat Finet and others have called on her in the past for her photographic touch.

To learn more about how interior design photography from Claudia Uribe Touri Photography could benefit you, give Claudia a call at (786) 390-7825 today.